Abiah (1848)
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The Abiah was a wooden hull two masted schooner built in 1848 at Irving, New York. Some have referred to the vessel as a brig, although one source said she had three masts. A brig is a two masted square sail vessel which is different than a two masted schooner.

"May 2, 1851.- Brig Abiah was dismasted on Lake Michigan - got in Milwaukee and refitted. Property loss $1,500." Buffalo Daily Courier.
Final Voyage

On September 4th, 1854, the two masted wooden schooner (brig?) Abiah, out of Chicago on her way to Oconto, in ballast (light), was caught in a squall out of the southeast. She almost immediately capsized. The Abiah had a crew of seven persons and two passengers who were all saved by the schooner Lewis Ludington. The Abiah was later being towed to Sheboygan by the tow tug Eclipse when she sank. There are varying reports on this, as some claim she sank immediately. Another claims that the Lewis Ludington was taking the Abiah back, and then sank. The vessel was approximately 10 to 15 miles east of Sheboygan when she went over, becoming a complete wreck and therefore was abandoned.

The wreck of the Abiah has not yet been definitively identified, but a vessel matching its description was located in 2019 by Steve Radovan. Investigations of the site are ongoing.
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