L.B. Nichols (1854)
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The wooden two masted scow-schooner L.B. Nichols was built in Kenosha by Jason Lathrop in 1853. In 1863 the vessel was valued at $1,200 and rated C2. The official registry number was 48195. The Nichols was designed for the lumber trade and has a stowage capacity of 80,000 feet of lumber.

April 1856: Ashore in Lake Michigan near Milwaukee, south of the government pier, with a cargo of cedar posts. Got off.

20 October 1859: The Nichols came into Milwaukee with both top masts gone, her rudder damaged and considerable other damage.
Final Voyage

L.B. Nichols, scow, 48195, 30 October 1868: "The scow L.B. Nichols, in attempting to enter the harbor at Sheboygan on Friday morning, went ashore north of the harbor, and soon afterwards went to pieces. Her cargo consisted of wood and cedar posts." Chicago Tribune, November 2,1868

The Nichols had left Kewaunee for Chicago with a load of wood and cedar posts.

"Scow L.B.Nichols of 87 tons and classed B2, valued at $4,000. List of Vessels Which Became Total Loss During 1868." Chicago Tribune, December 14, 1868.

The vessel, L.B. Nichols, has yet to be found.
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