Pride (1866)
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The wooden two masted schooner Pride was built in Black River, Ohio by Henry D. Root in 1866. Her official registry number was 19681 and she was rated B1 and valued at $3,500 in 1874 by the Board of Lake Underwriters.

Last Document of Enrollment: Surrendered: Milwaukee 8/21/1899: "Total Loss.".
Final Voyage

"The Pride, lying at anchor in Egg harbor, was poised on a northwesterly heading when a fierce northeast gale struck. The vessel attempted to swing around her anchor to face the storm, but she was too slow and was caught broadside by a wave which overturned her. So violent was the capsizing that her masts actually became inbedded in the mud bottom. The captain managed to escape unharmed, but his son was trapped and drowned in the cabin. Efforts by the Sturgeon Bay Lifesaving Service to recover his body were unsuccessful."

The Pride was later salvaged by Leathem and Smith who took her to Sturgeon Bay and sank her at the south end of Dunlap Reef.

"There is some talk of raising the little schooner Pride, which lies sunk at the south end of Dunlap reef. The craft is said to be in pretty good condition below the water line and can be put in good shape at a comparatively small outlay." Door County Advocate April 21, 1900. From the "Boneyard of the Great Lakes": "The record of the hulks now in the Sturgeon Bay "boneyard" is in part as follows: Schooner Pride, wrecked at Egg Harbor, Wis. turned turtle in a terrific storm; one life lost."
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