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The two masted wooden schooner Pierpont was built at Sacketts Harbor, New York in 1852 by M. Ellenwood. Also known as the Pierrepont, she was a schooner with one deck, two masts, a scroll figure head and a plain stern. Her official registry number was 19759 and in 1863 she was valued at $2,800 and rated B2. And 1874 the value was $2,000 and she was rated C1 by the Board of Lake Underwriters. She changed ownership numerous times and had been in a serious accident in the past. The cargo included lumber, iron ore, supplies, and shingles.

Last Document of Enrollment: Surrendered: Milwaukee: 11/25/1881: "Wrecked".
Final Voyage

"The schooner Pierpont, owned by Chipman and Rasser, is sunk near the north pier in the outer harbor of the canal. The vessel came in on Friday last, and while lying alongside the pier a hole was stove into her which caused her to fill and sink in about seven feet of water. She had on about $400 worth of iron for F.S. Minor and some merchandise for M. Cochems, of this place, and considerable freight for J.J. Barrings, of Egg Harbor, the most of which will be lost or badly damaged.
The tug Hagerman, of Milwaukee, with a steam-pump, was expected at the canal this Wednesday morning to rescue the Pierpont." Dorr County Advocate 12/01/1881.

"The owners of the tug Lawrence have taken the contract to release the schooner Pierpont... the tug worked on her last Saturday, and succeeded in moving her about a foot after breaking all the lines. The heavy southerly wind of Sunday caused the sea to break over her to such an extent that the decks parted from the hull and she is now going to pieces. The vessel will be a total loss. The contractors, it is reported, were to receive $1,500 to raise the craft and deliver her to Milwaukee." Door County Advocate 12/15/1991.

"The following spring, a portion of the Pierpont hull floated into the canal and blocked the channel. This wreckage was removed by the tug Gregory of Sturgeon Bay. Several years later, in 1886, a government dredge brought up the Pierpont's anchor and a few bars of iron." Boyd, Hirthe

In December of 1881 an attempt was made to pull the wrecked Pierpont out, but managed only to move her a foot before storms came in and started to break her up. The spars and standing rigging were salvaged. By the middle of December, the wreck was no longer visible and some thought she may have washed out into the lake. A portion of the wreck managed to find its way into the the canal and settle to the bottom. In April of 1882, the tug Gregory towed the wreck out into the Lake, two miles from the canal and let her sink. During canal dredging operations, years later, an anchor and some of the cargo of iron bars were dredged up.
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