J.S. Williams (1868)
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The three masted schooner Phoenix spent many years on Lake Michigan hauling lumber and other freight. In 1895 she was dismantled in Manitowoc and converted into a tow barge and renamed the J.S. Williams. In 1910, after twenty five years as a tow barge, she had outlived her usefulness and towed to McCracken's Cove, Lauries Stone Quarry and abandoned. Later she caught fire and burned to the water line. "Unoffically reported sold 1899-1900 to Leatham & Smith at Sturgeon bay, Wisconsin and renamed J.S. Williams: not listed as such in any directory. Reported made a dock at McCracken's Cove near Sturgeon Bay in 1902 and burned there around 1910."

"...the Laurie wharf today is almost non-existent. The tract map of 1899 shows a very sophisticated arrangement of piers and docks reaching out into the bay. Now there is nothing to distinguish the site. It is not included on navigational charts...A few possible remnants stood at one end of the property. Old twisted pieces of iron stick out of the sand on the beach. Some timbers and blocks of stone sit at the other end. The depth here was only 5 to 7 feet. Of the reported sunken resident of this cove ... there were only a few scattered pieces of charred wood to mark the grave of a once proud schooner."
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