Fountain City (1857)
Fountain City
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May 5,1896. About midnight, it was discovered that the steamer Fountain City was a flame. The steamer had caught fire, burned off her ropes and drifted from the dock to a mud bank. Although the fire department of Sturgeon Bay was able to contain the flames, the Fountain City became a total wreck. The fire destroyed her machinery thus making her old hull worthless. She burned near the Leathem and Smith dock, and Fredrickson reports a subsequent attempt to evaluate her use as a dry dock, which entailed raising her and later adandoning her as useless.

The Fountain City is located off of Sunset Park on the north side of Sturgeon Bay in ten to thirty feet of water. Wreckage, mainly ribs and planks, is spread over a large area in a busy boating portion of the bay known for generally low visibility.
Service History

One of the earliest freight and passenger steamers to operate on the waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Fountain City was one of the first ships to be destroyed by fire in the Sturgeon Bay "boneyard." In 1894, after changing hands a few times, the Fountain City was purchased by a group of men on Lake Michigan and converted into a barge used in the hauling of rough freight, such as lumber and stone.
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