Emerald (1869)
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By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)
Service History

The Emerald was a consort (along with three other barges) of the propeller Chief Justice Field, each loaded with coal and bound for Milwaukee. While the ships were opposite the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, a storm came up and the Emerald, along with the barge Dickinson, foundered--with eight lives lost. "The Emerald on the beach here, lies in eight feet of water, and heavy seas will probably break her up before morning." "The Grace Williams with another cargo of coal taken from the barge Emerald, for Manitowoc on Tuesday. She returned here last night and is again taking on another load." "Messrs. Leathem and Smith of Sturgeon Bay, came here on the tug Nelson last Sunday for the purpose of inspecting the barge Emerald on the beach at this place with a view to purchasing the same and taking her off the beach...." --From the Wisconsin Historical Society Maritime Preservation and Archaeology Files
Final Voyage

Three schooners ended their days of sail when in 1903 they were dismantled, loaded with stone, and sunk off the Leathem and Smith quarry dock. The Emerald, Kate Hinchman, and Bay State thus became submerged cribs.
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