John Eggers (1887)
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The wooden two masted scow-schooner John Eggers was built in 1887 by John Eggers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The official registry number was 76714. The Eggers was used to haul gravel.

June 1893: Stranded and released at Lamberton's Pier near Racine, Wisconsin.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: 5/29/06: "Vessel Lost".
Final Voyage

On May 26, 1906 the John Eggers came into port. They were cleared from the port around midnight. The crew had partially loaded the John Eggers with gravel when the storm arose around 4:00 am in the morning. When the storm broke the crew did not have time to clear the John Eggers of the shore and the storm drove the schooner onto land one mile north of the lighthouse. The crew escaped safely. The life saving team were notified but the storm was too strong and they had to turn back til the gale subsided. The storm continued to Sunday at which point the hull of the John Eggers was smashed to pieces. The only things saved were the nails, rigging and anchors. The Racine papers misspelled the schooner's name the John Eggert or Egert.
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