Evra Fuller (1873)
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The wooden three masted schooner Evra Fuller was built in 1873 at Fort Howard, Wisconsin. The original name was Lena Johnson and was changed to Evra Fuller in 1882.

May 17, 1890: Beached near Death's Door (Door County, Wisconsin). Pulled off on October 19, 1890.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago, 10/17/1893: "Vessel Lost".
Final Voyage

October 13, 1893. During a foggy night, the schooner Evra Fuller, lumber laden, stranded on Racine Reef and quickly broke up. The crew of the schooner made it to shore in the yawl. The life saving crew from the Racine Life-Saving Station was able to salvage the outfit and anchor of the vessel as well as the personal effects of the crew.

"The Fuller broke in two just for'ard of the cabin, which was carried away, and with it went the mizzenmast. Half an hour later the mainmast went with another section of the hull. A few minutes afterward the foremast went by the board, and now not a vestige of the wreck is to be seen from the shore." Door County Advocate 10/21/1893

The schooner Evra Fuller lies in 35 feet of water on a muddy bottom. The wreckage is located approximately 450 feet east of the Racine Harbor entrance and is scattered over a large area.
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