Elizabeth Jones (1867)
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The three masted wooden schooner Elizabeth Jones was built in 1867 as a bark at Buffalo, New York.

October, 1868: Bark Elizabeth Jones and the propeller Roanoke collided at Buffalo, New York.

July, 1871: The Elizabeth Jones was involved in a collision with the schooner Sawyer.

November 11th, 1872: Collision with the schooner Willis off Point Pelee, Lake Erie. The Willis was a complete loss.

1875: The rigging of the bark Elizabeth Jones was changed to the rigging of a three masted schooner.

1882: The Elizabeth Jones received large repairs at the Mills shipyard.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered:Buffalo: 6/30/1884: "Vessel Wrecked".
Final Voyage

"Racine, Nov 12.-- At 5 o'clock this evening the tug Knapp with a lighter went to the schooner Elizabeth Jones which is ashore on Racine Reef, to lighter her. During last night several large holes were stove into the hull of the Jones by the heavy seas breaking against her. She is now in bad shape, has seven and a half feet of water in her hold, and should the wind shift to the northeast she would be scattered in sections along the beach in a very short time. The cargo is badly damaged. Messrs. Knapp and Gillen have taken the contract to release the vessel, but whether their efforts will be crowned with success cannot at present be stated. The Jones is valued at $24,000." Milwaukee Sentinel, 11/13/1883

"...Capt. Gillen, of the firm Knapp and Gillen, who took the contract to release the vessel, says that the Jones will undoubtedly prove a wreck and that none of her cargo of 40,000 bushels of corn can be saved." "Mr. Abell (the owner), of Buffalo, is in the city, but is powerless to do anything." Milwaukee Sentinel, 11/15/1883

"At 8 o'clock this morning no sign of the stranded schooner Jones could be seen except small pieces of wreckage found on the beach at north Point." Milwaukee Sentinel, 11/26/1883

Possibly, the hull of the Elizabeth Jones has been located in approximately 25 feet of water south of the old Racine Reef Light.
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