I.A. Johnson (1867)
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Service History

The wooden two masted scow schooner I.A. Johnson was built in the year 1867 at Dover Bay, Ohio by master carpenter J.A. Johnson. Her offical number was 12090. The vessel was apparently meant to carry lumber but also carried a variety of cargoes such as: ties, bailed hay, feed, corn and pork. The vessel was owned by numerous owners over her 23 year life.
1893: Passed out of registry.
Final Voyage

On September 23, 1890, the scow schooner I.A. Johnson collided with the schooner Lincoln Dall off the mouth of the Black River just south of Sheboygan in Lake Michigan. The I.A. Johnson than sank off of Centerville, Wisconsin approximately eight miles north of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Attempts to recover the vessel were unsuccessful.
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