Lottie Cooper (1876)
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Final Voyage

"On the evening of April 8, 1894, with a cargo of wood destined for Sheboygan, the Lottie Cooper was caught by a howling northwest gale. After an unsuccessful attempt to signal a tug to tow her, the crew dropped anchor to await the dawn. By morning, her predicament had become dire. Water was flooding the vessel and part of the cabin had broken away. Her captain signaled for the Life Savers to come out and take off the crew, but before they could get there, the Lottie Cooper capsized and sank. The cargo of wood planks hampered rescue attempts, but finally the Life Savers, with the aid of the tug Peter Reiss, succeeded in rescuing five of the six people on board. The sixth man who tried to make it to shore on a makeshift raft of planks, drowned."

"The owners abandoned the Lottie Cooper and it later washed ashore, but soon the lake reclaimed her. The Lottie Cooper remained on the bottom of the harbor near the present day boat ramps (Sheboygan). Gradually silt covered her and she was forgotten. Prior to the construction of the marina in 1992 she was rediscovered and her remains were recovered, reassembled and placed on display in Deland Park where she rests today."
Service History

The Lottie Cooper was built for the Truman-Cooper Lumber and Flour Mill, Manitowoc.
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