J.V. Taylor (1867)
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Service History

The schooner J.V. Taylor was named after Mr. Joseph Victor Taylor and was "built for the Lake Michigan lumber trade in which she always ran. She was originally a 3 mast topsail schooner. In early part of this century her main mast was taken out and she carried only the main and mizzen masts and had what was called a wolverine rig." The Taylor had a capacity of 250,000 board feet of lumber.
Final Voyage

The final owner of the J.V.Taylor was L.A. Buck of Escanaba and she was officially abandoned in 1928. "In the summer of 1933, she lay in the river at Racine east of Meade Street Bridge, north side of the river, headed west without any masts and pretty low in the water. She was abandoned there and her ribs could be seen until 1939."
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