Charlotte (1853)
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Service History

The two masted schooner Charlotte spent much of her life carrying a cargo of wood, posts, lumber, and shingles on Lake Michigan. Two Rivers, Sheboygan and Chicago were ports she frequented.
Final Voyage

The schooner Charlotte of Chicago ran ashore near the mouth of the Wolf River, Ahnapee, Wisconsin, on Sunday morning 10/28/1866. Shortly after her stranding, her owners sent the tug Union to assist the stricken vessel, but the effort was unsuccessful. However, the schooner was stripped of her outfit, topmast and jibboom. The Milwaukee Sentinel (11/26/1866) later reported that a second party had purchased the Charlotte and dispatched the wrecking tug Levithan to free the stranded schooner. This effort was also unsuccessful, and the Charlotte began to go to pieces, her hull finally being burned for the iron.

"Burned- The hull of the old schooner Charlotte, beached at Wolf River, has been burned for the iron. A new hull is to be built at Red River, this winter for her outfit." Milwaukee Sentinel 12/24/1866 p. 4, c 9.
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