T.H. Camp (1876)
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The T.H. Camp was one of the earliest generation of steam powered fishing boats to appear on the Great Lakes. She spent many years as a general tender for Booth Fisheries, a large Chicago based fish packing company. She was rebuilt in 1882. Last Document Surrendered Chicago 1/29/1901: "Vessel Lost"
Final Voyage

"The T.H.Camp simply foundered enroute from Ashland via Bayfield to the northern tip of Madeline Island while carrying a deck load estimated at nearly 20 tons of supplies for the W.T. Gardner lumber camp. She foundered somewhere between Bass or Basswood Island and Madeline Island without loss of life. The Ashland News reported that the boat "was overloaded and when near Madeline some of the cargo listed and the boat began to gradually fill with water." Water depth in the area was estimated to be 30 to 35 fathoms. ... The Camp had slowed up just prior to the incident to stop along side a sailboat, presumably to take it in tow. They were stopped and began backing when the Camp's cargo shifted, causing her to list, and start to fill with water. She settled stern first rather quickly. Her crew were taken aboard the sailboat they had been trying to assist."

"Vessel is completely intact; rests in 170 feet of water; 20 tons of overwinter supplies also intact. Vulnerable ships artifacts (compass, running light, binnacle lamp) were recovered for conservation and curation at the Madeline Museum..."
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