Sea Gem (1863)
Schooner Sea Gem (1863)
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The wooden two masted schooner Sea Gem was the last vessel built by Bates and Son in Manitowoc (William Bates then moved to Chicago). The year was 1863, her official registry number was 22582. She measured 90.6' x 22.5 'x 8.0'; 103.21 gross tons and 98.05 net tons. The Sea Gem had spent her last few years engaged in trade between Chicago, Milwaukee and Michigan ports.

December 1874: Sea Gem was left for the winter at Ahnapee, Wisconsin after being driven ashore.

May 1875: released and then rebuilt.

September 13, 1921: Documents of Enrollment: Surrendered;Grand Haven: "wrecked, total loss".
Final Voyage

September 9, 1901. While seeking shelter from a storm, the two masted schooner Sea Gem ran aground south of the Manitowoc harbor pier. Bound for Milwaukee with a cargo of 100 cords of wood slabs, the schooner had been attempting to enter Manitowoc harbor under staysail, when she barely avoided colliding with the south pier. The anchor was then released, but it failed to hold and the schooner was driven onto the beach, where she soon went to pieces. All five on board managed to jump onto the pier and a portion of the cargo of slabs was saved. The Sea Gem was en route from Charlevoix to Milwaukee when the wreck occurred. She was not insured so the loss of about $1,500 was total for Captain Hanshaw
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