Muskegon (1871)
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The wooden sidewheeled steamer Muskegon was built in Manitowoc in 1871 by G.S. Rand and had been in the active service of the Goodrich Company since she was built. Her official registry number was 90466 and in 1874 she was valued at $65.000 and rated A1 by the Board of Lake Underwriters. Her main duty was to carry passengers and packaged freight. The vessel had an unremarkable life regarding accidents or problems. In June of 1893 she had a machinery problem which was repaired in Chicago.

Last Document of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: 8/23/1899: "Total Loss Abandoned".
Final Voyage

September 22, 1896. While waiting for minor repairs in dry dock, at the Milwaukee Shipyard Company, the Muskegon slipped off some of the keel blocks, forcing the remaining blocks through her deck, breaking her back. No side shores and few bilge blocks had been in place resulting in the hull breaking in three or four places. The damage was estimated at $35,000: her two large arches broke in two, the arch posts split to pieces, a large hole in her main deck, and the ceiling and floor of the galley raised several feet. She was pronounced a total loss and with difficulty was removed from the dock. The Muskegon was towed to Manitowoc in 1896 and by 1905 was dismantled. She had been beached north of the gun club property.
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