Luise M. (1892)
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Service History

The tug Luise M. was built at the Rieboldt, Wolter & Comapny shipyard at Stuergon Bay, Wisconsin. Originally, the Luise M. was a fishing tug engaged in the fishing business out of Racine. Then she was laid up for three years at the Racine Woolen Mills dock. In 1916 "Captain McCallum bought the tug, built a cabin over all the deck and converted it into a fruit carrier, intending to operate between Benton Harbor, St Joseph and other Michigan ports and Racine." At the time of her loss she was valued at $2,500 with a cargo value of $500. She carried no insurance.
Final Voyage

At about 1:30 in the morning of 8/29/1916, the small fruit boat Luise M. sank approximately 40 miles off Winthrop Harbor. The Luise M. had left St. Joseph on 8/28/1916 during a storm out of the southwest which brought with it heavy seas. About 40 miles off Winthrop Harbor, en route to Racine, the small steamer began to leak. Soon, the fires were extinguished, and even dumping the deck load could not save the fruit boat from foundering. Finally, the crew abandoned the vessel, which soon broke in two and suddenly went to the bottom. After several hours in the lifeboat, the crew of three was picked up by the steamer America.
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