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Search below for stories about ships, lighthouses, sailors and anything else about life on Lake Michigan. The database contains references to articles from the Ahnapee (Algoma) Record (June 12, 1873 to Jan. 7, 1927), the Door County Advocate (Nov. 8, 1861 to Dec. 22, 1949), and the Manitowoc Pilot (June 14, 1859 to Dec. 28, 1899). The results will direct you to the date and page in these newspapers where the article can be found.

Microfilm copies of the Ahnapee (Algoma) Record are available at the Wisconsin Historical Society Library in Madison, Algoma Public Library in Algoma. Microfilm copies of the Door County Advocate are available at the Wisconsin Historical Society Library in Madison, the Door County Public Library in Sturgeon Bay, and the Brown County Library in Green Bay. Microfilm of the Manitowoc Pilot are available at the Manitowoc County Historical Society, the Manitowoc Public Library, and the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison.

Check with your local library about obtaining the microfilm via interlibrary loan.

Newspaper Object Name Date Page Notes
Manitowoc Pilot Fishing tug A. A. Tessler 1 Came to rescue of crew of burning steamer Atlanta
Door County Advocate Steamer A. A. Turner 1905-10-28 1 Stranded on St. Mary s rock, caught fore and totally destroyed
Ahnapee (Algoma) Record Steambarge A. A. Turner 1879-12-04 4 The sch. Montcalm was dismasted on Lake Erie and the steambarge A. A. Turner and her 4 barges were driven on Turtle Island shoals.
Manitowoc Pilot Steambarge A. A. Turner 1873-06-05 4 Towing Active and Eureka to Ogdensburg with lumber
Door County Advocate Steamer A. A. Turner 1898-10-15 1 Seen floater
Door County Advocate Tug A. and M. Link 1918-07-18 4 Waiting to go into dry dock
Manitowoc Pilot Propeller A. B. Blanchard 1885-07-02 3 Was burned at Milwaukee on Sunday
Door County Advocate Barge A. B. C. F. M. 1902-09-06 1 Idle at Milwaukee due to fire of the ice house of the Pike & North Lakes Ice Co.
Door County Advocate Schooner A. B. C. F. M. 1898-01-08 1 One of Milwaukee winter fleet
Door County Advocate Schooner A. B. C. F. M. 1896-12-26 5 Wintering at Milwaukee

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This database is a cooperative effort of the Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association (WUAA), the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS), and the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute. The project is spearheaded by WUAA member Russel Leitz, who helped develop a framework for the database and painstakingly combed through 54 years of the Ahnapee (Algoma) Record, 87 years of the Door County Advocate and 40 years of the Manitowoc Pilot for maritime news. The more than 50,000 references are the fruit of his labor alone.

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