Northwest (1862)
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The Northwest was a three masted schooner built in May of 1862. She had extensive repairs in 1873. Last Document Surrendered Chicago, 12/30/1876.
Final Voyage

"The fine old schooner Northwest , Captain George Nedlam commanding, downward bound from Chicago, with a cargo of grain, was run into twelve miles off Kenosha, at four o'clock Tuesday morning, by the coal-laden schooner F.L. Danforth, and sank within fifteen minutes after collision, only the tops of her spars remaining in view. The crew of the Northwest escaped to the Danforth--which vessel lost her bobstays,cutwater, a portion of her stem, jibboom, main-topmast and squaresail yard in the onset...From the statement of Capt. Nedlam, ... the bight was clear and the lights of the Danforth were seen by the Northwest half an hour before the vessels came together. The wind at the time was northwest, and his was close-hauled and by the wind, heading north-northeast. The Danforth came stem on, and striking the Northwest on the port bow, cut into her hull almost to the foremast."
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