Hans Crocker (1856)
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"The bark Hans Crocker, bound from Little Sturgeon Bay to Chicago with a load of lumber and shingles, sprung a leak while off Kenosha and went ashore south of the harbor piers after hitting a sunken crib. The vessel soon went to pieces." Last Document Surrendered Chicago, 12/30/1876: "Lost"

"It was determined that the Hans Crocker , which also began to wreck just south of the harbor entrance, then broke apart and sank rapidly, scattering wreckage and cargo for miles down the coast, probably, because of its size, did not drift in as far as the Elizabeth. It most likely ended up in the southern portion of the Confined Disposal Facility or possibly in the northeastern part of Wolfenbuttel Park. But, there is a greater likelihood than the Elizabeth that the wreck lies just outside of these locations and may be offshore and underwater close to the CDF or Park." Reports from divers diving the area say they found some scattered debris but no intact or large portions of a hull in the area leading to the possibility it could be buried.
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