Major Anderson (1861)
Major Anderson site taken by Suzze Johnson from her power parachute in the summer of 2013
Major Anderson's lumber port
Aft end of Major Anderson's centerboard trunk and remaining deck beams
By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)

"After salvage, the Major Anderson's wreck site remained forgotten until her discovery in May 2013 by ultralight pilots. Although an attraction for Point Beach State Forest visitors, she remains lightly visited by kayakers, divers and snorkelers today." "Located 4 miles North of two Rivers, Wisconsin, in Lake Michigan, the barkentine Major Anderson lies on the lakebed in 3 to 10 feet of water. Although her rigging and deck machinery were salvaged, her lower hull remains intact and well preserved under an estimated ten feet of sand."
Service History

The Major Anderson was launched on April 13th, 1861. Difficulties arise for researchers due to the fact that four other vessels with the name Major Anderson were launched on the Great Lakes between 1861 and 1864. This particular Major Anderson is one of only two barkentines found in Wisconsin waters and lies near the mouth of the Molash Creek in Lake Michigan. She was a bulk carrier often with a cargo of grain such as corn or wheat or loaded with lumber.
Final Voyage

"...The Bark Major Anderson, loaded with 750 tons of coal from Erie, bound for Chicago, ran ashore at Two Rivers Point, in a thick fog, Saturday morning about two o'clock. The boats were stove in and the men were obliged to swim ashore. A tug attempted to render assistance, but was unable, owing to the heavy gale." "Gone to pieces.-The schooner Major Anderson, laden with coal for the Chicago Gas Company, ran ashore on two Rivers Point, last week, has gone to pieces. The cargo will prove a total loss." "The capstan of the bark Major Anderson, wrecked several years ago three miles north of Two Rivers, has been recovered by the wrecking schooner Active." "The tugs Kitty Smoke and Active were dispatched to remove Major Anderson's rigging and deck machinery."
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