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The Arctic was retired in 1930 after forty-nine years of service for the Goodrich Line. She was reported abandoned; beached north of Manitowoc, the exact location is unclear.
Service History

The Arctic was designed for ice breakin, her hull was wooden but exceptionally heavy and sturdy, since she was intended for ice breaking. In the summer, she was kept busy as a harbor tug in Manitowoc, and frequently got a towing job or acted as a rescue tug out on the lake. When the winter ice formed the Arctic was transferred to Milwaukee for ice breaking duties. She also was seen in the upper half of Lake Michigan towing various vessels including car ferries of the Ann Arbor Line.

The Arctic was in service for forty-nine years, the longest continuous service of any vessel that served under the Goodrich Line.
During the winter of 1898-1899 she was at Manitowoc Shipyard to be lengthened by twelve feet and for a complete overhaul.
Again in 1919 the Arctic was in Manitowoc for a complete rebuild.
From 1923 to 1925 she was stationed in Chicago.

The Arctic may be located 1.8 miles north-northeast of the Manitowoc Harbor entrance in Maritime Bay, approximately 100 yards north of the Francis Hinton wreck in fourteen feet of water.
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