Kittie Laurie (1872)
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Service History

The Kittie Laurie was built in Sturgeon Bay in 1872 by Captain Robert Laurie and her gross register was a little over thirteen tons. Several years prior to her demise, the vessel was purchased by Captain Nicholi Anderson of Ephraim who owned her at the time she was beached. The Last Document of Enrollment No. 148, Milwaukee, September 5, 1894: "Abandoned"
Final Voyage

"While bound from Ellison to Ephraim on the 9th, the schooner Kattie Laurie beached 2 miles north of Ephraim. Captain was asleep during beaching. After beaching a heavy north wind set in and she began to break up fast. She was consequently abandoned and will prove a total loss."

"The wreck of the Kittie Laurie is broken and scattered in 20 feet of water; visibility is 25 feet plus. There is some unidentified beached wreckage and other unidentified artifacts at the site. Historical identification of this wreck is uncertain."
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