F.W. Backus (1846)
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Service History

"The Backus was owned by Messrs. Rice Brothers of this city (Milwaukee), who purchased her at Marshals sale several years since. She was built at Malden, C.W., in 1846... She received extensive repairs in 1861 and 1865, and rated B1, with a value of about $20,000 upon which there was an insurance of $6,000 in the Aetna, and $8,000 in the Home of New Haven." She ran in the Green Bay and Island trade. --From the Wisconsin Historical Society Maritime Preservation and Archaeology Files
Final Voyage

The propeller F.W. Backus burned at Racine on November 25,1866. The Backus was en route from Chicago to Marquette and, loaded with hay and assorted livestock, was found to be on fire while about two miles off Racine. The crew and nine passengers escaped in the ship's boat, and the Backus was taken in tow by the tug Daisey Lee. Salvagers were unable to scuttle the burning vessel, and she drifted ashore near Racine, Wis., opposite 13th Street, and burned to the water's edge.
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