Lilly Amoit (1873)
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The wooden two masted schooner Lilly Amoit was built at the Amoit Shipyard in Cheboygan, Michigan by Amoit in 1873. Her official registry number was 15899.

November 1888: Wrecked on piers at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Recovered.

1900: Converted from a schooner to a gas launch.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: June 11, 1906: "Vessel Lost".
Final Voyage

"One of the more spectacular marine mishaps in Door County history occurred in Ellison Bay. The Lilly Amoit was moored at pier side when a fuel line developed a leak in the bilge. In an episode akin to a feature cartoon, Captain J.B. Jessen attempted to locate the leak using a match for light. He got the expected result.

Blankets were used in an unsuccessful attempt to smother the flames. However, since the cargo included 25 barrels of gasoline and several hundred pounds of dynamite the crew wisely concluded further firefighting would be useless and dangerous. To save the pier, they set the boat adrift. Luckily, a mild east wind slowly moved the Amoit away from shore.

The excitement attracted a good sized crowd who remained a full 2 hours awaiting the explosion. By the time flames reached the dynamite the wind had carried the craft almost to the west shore of the harbor. Suddenly a tremendous blast filled the air with wood fragments, tossed the spars and one barrel of oil high into the air where they burst into flames rewarding the spectators with a fireworks display." Hirthe, Door County Advocate 6/10/1909
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