Ebenezer (1863)
Photo of what appears to be the Ebenezer taken as early as 1908.
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1863: The wooden two masted schooner Ebenezer was built at Fort Howard (Green Bay), Wisconsin. In the years 1874 and 1875 she was valued at $5,500 and rated B1.

May 17, 1869: Chicago, the Ebenezer collided with the smaller schooner Hattie of Sheboygan.

October 17, 1878: The Ebenezer was sold, in Milwaukee, at a sheriff's auction for $1,000 which covered the cost of a claim for $710.87 in seaman's wages.

1879: The Inland Llyods Register rated the Ebenezer B2 with a value of $1,800.

June 14, 1879: The Ebenezer was severely damaged when the ore laden schooner S. Anderson collided with her approximately 20 miles south of Port Washington.

October 1880: Chicago, the Ebenezer was engaged in trade between Mud Bay and Manistee, Michigan.

Last Document of Enrollment Surrendered: Grand Haven: August 25,1881: "Reported Lost".
Final Voyage

"On Friday evening, October 15, the Ebenezer was at anchor off Mud Bay loaded with stone when the Alpena Gale set in from the northwest. About 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning, the wind suddenly changed to the southeast, blowing heavy and increasing in severity all day, surpassing anything known in the area for 16 years. On Saturday night, the Ebenezer dragged ashore and was thrown on the rocks inside of the quarry dock. Although all hands were saved, the schooner was pounded on the outside by the seas and on the inside by the cargo of stone to a total wreck. Captain E. Swinton was offered $150 for what was left of the Ebenezer and thought that was all the wreck was worth, but there is no record of such a transaction taking place." Schooner Days In Door County, Walter M. and Mary K. Hirthe.
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