Agnes Behrman (1883)
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The Agnes Behrman was built to haul cordwood to market and return with freight for the islanders of Washington Island. According to enrollment no.26 issued at the Port of Milwaukee on September 7, 1893, Captain Pederson and the Wisconsin Chair Company of Port Washington were equal owners of the Behrman. On June 29,1897 the original document of enrollment was surrendered at Milwaukee: Cause of surrender: "Abandoned As Unfit For Service". But, in 1898 Captain Pederson resurrected the Agnes Behrmanfor the summer. The final enrollment was again surrendered in Milwaukee: December 1, 1898: Cause of surrender: "Stranding-vessel total loss October 10, 1898."

"The schooner Agnes Behrman traded into Garret Bay and other Door County ports. She had a musical crew and before the townspeople would assist in her loading they had to be treated to music" Ships and Shipwrecks in Door County", Arthur C. and Lucy F. Frederickson.
Final Voyage

October 30, 1898. While moored in Hedgehog Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin, the Agnes Behrman's anchor lost its hold, and the scow struck bottom at Hedgehog Harbor pier. The vessel's hull eventually broke apart. The cargo was damaged and the ship proved a total loss.
One source states the date of loss was October 10th, 1898 rather than October 30th.

Captain Ralph Larson said the Behrman went to pieces at Gills Rock (northern tip of Door County near Hedgehog Harbor) in a storm out of the northwest.

C.P. Pederson from Detroit Harbor, the owner and captain of the Behrman, lost his scow and the $200 cargo was damaged. He had no insurance on either.

The last enrollment of the Agnes Behrman was surrendered at Milwaukee on December 1, 1898: cause of surrender: Total loss by stranding, October 30, 1898.
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