Dawn (1888)
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The two masted wooden scow-schooner Dawn was built in Milwaukee in 1888 by Thomas Eggers.

Fall 1902: Captain Kirwan purchased the Dawn and sailed her into the Kewaunee Harbor on March 9th, 1903.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrenderd: 9/21/1903: Milwaukee: "Vessel Lost".
Final Voyage

On the night of September 18, 1903, the schooner Dawn, enroute from Milwaukee bound for Portage Bay where they expected to take on a load of pulp wood for Marinette, struck the south pier at Kewaunee while attempting to enter the harbor. She stove a large hole in her port bow and went aground 1/3 mile southeast of the Kewaunee lifesaving station, about 200 feet offshore. Captain Kirwan blamed the wreck on his recently hired crewman, who, while acting as a lookout, failed to warn the captain of the presence of the south harbor pier until it was too late to come about. The Dawn ran "full force" into the pier, at which time both men jumped to safety. The schooner was then swept onto the beach where the lifesavers and the Captain attempted to pull her around into the harbor entrance, but were unable to move the vessel.
The following day most of the wreckage was on the beach and the hull was slowly going to pieces. The lifesavers managed to salvage some items of value from the wreck including chains, anchors, and some rigging. The Dawn (and the captain's personal possessions) was valued at $300 by Captain Kirwan and was not insured.
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