R.H. Becker (1867)
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The R.H. Becker was a two masted scow schooner built to carry large amounts of cargo such as wood. She was owned by the Freyberg Lumber Company of Sheboygan. Last Document Surrendered 5/15/1908: "Vessel Lost"
Final Voyage

During a fierce Northeast gale on May 7, 1908 the schooner R.H.Becker missed the Sheboygan harbor entrance and began to drift towards shore. To avoid going ashore she let go of her anchors. The tug Peter Reiss succeeded in getting a wrecking hawser aboard, and proceeded to tow the Becker into the harbor. Before the two vessels reached shelter, however, a large sea struck the schooner broadside, and she heeled over and lost her deck load of slabs. The Becker continued to heel over until her spars fouled the South pier. At this point lifesavers removed the crew. On May 16, 1908 the wreck was towed to the North pier and run ashore where it went to pieces. Northerly winds threatened to push the hulk back into the North pier or the harbor entrance. To prevent this, the Becker was moved a second time to a point off the foot of Michigan Avenue.

An investigation was launched in 1992 in anticipation of the construction of a marina in the inner harbor at Sheboygan. Details pointed towards the finding of a centerboard scow schooner approximately 110 feet long. No irrefutable evidence suggested that the wreck is that of the R.H. Becker, but it appears likely that it is.
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