Paul L. (1907)
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Service History

The Paul L. was built in 1907 for the Oshkosh-Tustin run. She was a three story stern wheeler designed to carry freight and passengers on the Fox River. "Formerly stern wheeler in package trade on the Fox River with a crew of seven. Stripped of machinery, upper decks razed in 1922." During her final years she was used as a construction barge. "On the 28th of May 1910, the Paul L. was being unloaded of a deckload of coal. Too much was taken from the starboard side and over she went, tossing the mate and the cook into the cold Fox River.. She was righted, refurbished and ran for another 12 years."
Final Voyage

"The Paul L. was abandoned 1923-1924 after use as a lumber and coal barge."

"The bow of the Paul L. lies forty feet off shore in 5' of water, stern 70' out in 7' of water, lower hull present, deck missing, heeled to starboard. No artifacts reported. "
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