L. May Guthrie (1874)
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By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)
Service History

Last Document Surrendered, Milwaukee 10/24/1894: "Total wreck"
Final Voyage

"The L.May Guthrie, sailing to Kenosha, Wisconsin was proceeding through a severe southeast gale when she wandered off course toward Fisherman Shoal. An attempt to miss the shoal by a quick turn was tried, but the vessel missed her stays and lodged solidly on the rocky shelf. Trapped on a shoal 3 miles offshore, the crew awaited their grim fate as the storm howled on through the night, relentlessly crunching the weakened hull. The next day, however, the bedraggled sailors were rescued by the tug Prescott whose crew ventured out through the tempest from the Island. On October 6, several attempts were made at pulling the Guthrie off the reef; these failed, so the hull was stripped and abandoned. Her owner and master, A.G. Brown of Milwaukee, lost it all since he was totally uninsured."
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