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"The Home, after being in the carrying trade from Lower Sandusky to Buffalo and intermediate ports, and sometimes in the upper lake trade, for a period of about six years, was sold to parties residing in Sandusky City, and was chiefly engaged afterwards in trade between that port and Buffalo and Detroit, although she occasionally came back to Lower Sandusky, her native place, with freights, after she was sold. Her carrying capacity was probably about eight or ten thousand bushels of wheat."
Final Voyage

25 October 1858-LOSS OF THE SCHOONER HOME. A collision took place on Saturday last, near Manitou Islands, between the schooner William Fiske and the schooner Home, the result of which was the total loss of the latter vessel. The brig was loaded with wheat from this port, and was only slightly injured. She rescued all the persons who were on board the Home, and then persued her way. The Home was loaded with wood and cedar posts, and belonged to this city. The collision took place between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning, the night being quite dark. The vessels were moving at the rate of about ten miles an hour. The shock was so great that the side of the Home, near the bows, was stove in, and her masts fell overboard immediately.-Chicago Times."

The Home rests upright in 165 feet of water and her hull is largely intact. There is collision damage at the starboard bow and the stern cabin is missing. The foremast which had broken off was pulled to the surface in commercial fishing nets and is now on display at the Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers, WI. Visibility is limited and nets are draped over the site. Historical identification is uncertain.
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